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enclosed_farmBG_B_carouselMaverick Oasis™ is the first small-scale modular methane-to-methanol production plant that can be co-located at the source of the methane. These factory-built Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) methanol plants are skid-mounted and can be rapidly deployed onsite to produce thousands of gallons per day of ultra-clean methanol from natural gas or methane-rich (biogas, landfill gas, flare gas, etc.) waste gas.

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Each Maverick Oasis plant comes equipped with performance guarantees based on the designed methanol output rating.  Producers of methane-rich gas now have the opportunity to monetize these resources that would otherwise sit idle or worse yet continue to produce destructive greenhouse gases. For the first time, Maverick Oasis brings proven technology to smaller gas reserves in an efficient, compact and modular configuration.

Maverick Oasis uses proprietary technology to convert a variety of methane-containing feedstocks, including biogas, natural gas, flare gas, coal bed methane, and landfill gas, into AA grade methanol. With a footprint of just 5,000 square feet, each plant is modular so that it can be shipped via truck or rail to location where it is assembled by a team of Maverick engineers and integrated with the local infrastructure. Depending on feedstock, each plant will produce between 3,000 and 10,000 gallons per day of methanol for consumption onsite or transported to market via trucks, rail, or barges.

By using standard assembly line manufacturing processes, Maverick Oasis significantly reduces the capital requirements and delivery time for commercially-proven technology that converts low-value gas feedstocks into high value products.  Learn more about the Oasis Methane-to-Methanol process.

Maverick Oasis Models

Maverick Oasis comes in two models: BG25, designed for landfills and farms equipped with anaerobic digesters; and the NG25, designed for remote oil and gas fields.  Both models have a capacity of 8,300 gallons per day (25 metric tons/day) and produce AA grade methanol that meets ASTM D1152 specifications.

Learn more about the BG25 for biogas feedstocks.
Learn more about the NG25 for natural gas feedstocks.

Sources of Methane

Methane is emitted by natural sources and from human activities such as landfills, petroleum production, wastewater treatment plants, coal beds and anaerobic digesters associated with large agricultural operations and other organic waste disposal facilities.  Maverick Oasis also takes advantage of the vast reserves of methane associated with natural gas  found in remote oil and gas fields where production of synthetic chemicals and fuels are not economically viable. For dairy farms and livestock facilities that use anaerobic digesters to process animal waste, Maverick Oasis offers superior revenue potential compared to electricity generation. For landfill operators, Oasis provides another use of methane that would be  either flared or vented into the atmosphere.

The Versatility of Methane

Methanol is a versatile commodity that offers multiple application possibilities. For chemical production, Methanol is an important intermediate for producing high-value products, including olefins, acetic acid, formaldehyde, plastics and resins, and other chemical products in addition to being used to produce biodiesel, to prevent hydrate formation, and to denitrify waste water.. In some markets,  Methanol can be blended with gasoline (M15, M85) or used directly as M100. Methanol can also be used  in fuel cells, and further synthesized into dimethyl ether (a diesel and LPG substitute), diesel and jet fuel. Methanol blends make environmentally superior fuels that improve combustion, burn cleanly, and reduce emissions.

With Maverick Oasis, these gas reserves can be converted into a transportable product, methanol, which is a highly valued commodity that can be used directly or converted to higher value products.  In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Maverick Oasis will bring jobs and other economic benefit to many rural locations.

Learn more how methanol can produce a variety of high-value products.

Spoke and Hub Distributed Production

Converting methane gas to methanol liquid is one component of Maverick’s “spoke and hub” distributed production strategy that builds on Maverick’s patented Olefinity™ technology. Methanol produced at Oasis standalone plants (“spokes”) located at the waste gas source is easily either sold directly to local markets.  In addition, the methanol can be transported to larger “hub” facilities, where it can be converted to higher value products such as clean transportation fuels including dimethyl ether, diesel and jet fuel, or specialty chemicals like ethylene and propylene using Maverick’s olefins based processes. Click to learn more about Maverick’s Spoke and Hub distribution production.

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