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Maverick Synfuels develops and commercializes advanced thermo-chemical technologies that convert low-value and renewable feedstocks into high-value fuels and chemicals. Our processes are feedstock flexible and can utilize methane (natural gas, landfill gas, anaerobic digester gas), as well as biomass, municipal solid waste (MSW) and industrial waste into transportable intermediates. These intermediates serve as building blocks for multiple products that readily integrate into the existing market infrastructure, such as jet fuel, diesel and propylene.

Our modular refineries scale to feedstock and production economics, using a distributed “Spoke and Hub” model.  Each modular “Spoke” plant is designed to produce transportable intermediates, such as methanol or mixed-olefins. Each “Hub” converts these intermediates into final products such as jet fuel, propylene, diesel, or a mixture of alcohols with significantly higher energy density than ethanol.  These products are competitively priced with petroleum-derived products.


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