Maverick Oasis Model BG25 Methanol Plant

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Maverick Oasis™ Model BG25 uses biogas as a feedstock and is designed for landfills and farms equipped with anaerobic digesters. Oasis BG25 has a capacity of 8,300 gallons per day (25 metric tons/day) and produces AA grade methanol that meets ASTM D1152 specifications.



  • Small-scale modular
  • Skid-mounted
  • Factory-built


  • Biogas (~60% methane / ~40% CO2, 3000 – 7000 ppm S)


  • Anaerobic Digesters, Landfill


  • 8,300 gallons per day (25 metric tons/day)


  • Methanol (performance guaranteed)
  • AA Grade that meets ASTM D1152


  • Methanol
  • Excess steam for use with co-located digesters or drying facilities
  • Elemental Sulfur (485 pounds/day based on 4000 ppm S feed)


  • 50 feet x 100 feet with some flexibility to meet site limitations
  • Overall height 60 feet for distillation columns and flue stack, majority of components less than 10 feet tall

Site Requirements

  • Approximately 1 acre to accommodate storage and tanker truck access
  • Storage – 70,000 gallons
  • Tanker truck access
  • Rail access (optional)
  • Flare for emergency use only

Utility Requirements

  • 4.0 GPM of demineralized water for steam and consumed in the process
  • Water for cooling in a closed loop system
  • 400 kWh/hr when using electric compressors


  • Permits are subject to local rules and regulations; however, emissions from Maverick Oasis BG25 do not exceed any limits for the priority pollutants.