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Maverick Synfuels addresses the need for petroleum-replacing transportation fuels and chemicals, produced from renewable and non-petroleum feedstocks. The U.S. consumes approximately 300 BGPY of petroleum per year, to produce over 180 BGPY of diesel and gasoline and millions of pounds of chemicals. The U.S. government is looking to replace 20% of the transportation fuels (36 BGPY) by 2022, with no more than 15 BGPY being corn-based ethanol. This leaves a market opportunity for advanced transportation fuels in excess of 20 BGPY.  Because we can use a variety of feedstocks, and produce a variety of fuels for nearly ever application (i.e., fuel for flexible fuel vehicles, diesel fuel for trucks, and jet fuel for planes), Maverick is uniquely situated to take advantage of this market.

In addition, consumer product companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Procter & Gamble are actively seeking bio-based plastics. Maverick’s process is capable of producing bio-polypropylene, which can be used by these companies in their products and packaging.

Maverick will ultimately produce and sell products into these markets, and may also derive revenue from licensing, selling equipment, know-how, services, and/or entire refineries.

Deployment Opportunities

Maverick’s deployments can be co-located with industrial facilities that are now paying to dispose of waste products.  Opportunities abound.  MSW, industrial waste, biomass waste, and purpose-grown crops such as Miscanthus can supply tens of billions of gallons of capacity.  Existing methane sources, including stranded natural gas, can also supply tens of billions of gallons of capacity.  Our modular refineries allow us to set up and operate profitably in locations where these feedstocks are available.