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Maverick Synfuels’ mission is to generate high rates of return on investment by producing  high-value fuels and chemicals from low-value feedstocks.

Strong Management Team
Maverick Synfuels is managed by an experienced start-up team and experts in organic chemistry, biofuels, and chemical engineering.  Learn more >>

Intellectual Property
Maverick has been awarded a patent in South Africa for production of alcohol blend usable in flexible fuel vehicles via Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis. Patents are pending in U.S., Brazil, India, Europe, and the Philippines. An additional U.S. patent is pending for production of polypropylene from renewable resources. Maverick also holds patents for production of mixed alcohols from methanol via an olefin intermediate. Additional patents are pending on process steps and technology.

In addition to patents, Maverick has IP in proprietary catalyst formulations, integrations strategies and process configurations.

Target Markets
Our technology addresses the need for ”drop-in” transportation fuels and chemicals produced from renewable and non-petroleum feedstocks. Approximately 300 BGPY of petroleum is consumed by the U.S. annually. Over 180 BGPY of diesel and gasoline is derived from this petroleum along with millions of tons of chemicals. The US government is promoting the replacement of 20% of the transportation fuels (36 BGPY) by 2022 with no more than 15 BGPY being corn based ethanol. This leaves a market opportunity for advance transportation fuels in excess of 20 BGPY. In addition, consumer product companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble are actively seeking plastics that are produced from renewal resources.

Maverick will produce and sell end commodity products into these markets and/or derive revenue from licensing or selling equipment, know-how, services, and/or entire refineries.

Well-Defined Market Opportunity
Opportunities abound. Animal farms and landfills can supply biogas that can yield millions of gallons of production capacity, while existing crop waste, and purpose-grown crops such as miscanthus can supply tens of billions of gallons of capacity. Methane sources, including flare and stranded natural gas, can also supply tens of billions of gallons of capacity. Our modular plants can be set up and operated profitably in locations where these feedstocks are available. Our industrial co-location model enables us to partner with an enormous number of industrial facilities who are now paying to dispose of waste products. Our hub-and-spoke logistics model and transportable intermediates enables Maverick to engage in feedstock arbitrage, allowing Maverick to take advantage of imbalances in feedstock supply and demand to drive down the cost of feedstock for our processes.

Licensing Opportunities
Maverick is pursuing a hybrid business model that consists of licensing the technology to strategic partners along with eventual building and operating production facilities with various partners. We envision all commercial scale facilities to be self-funded project companies.

Maverick seeks funding for:

  • Construction of first small commercial production facility to produce methanol
  • Expansion of Maverick processes and intellectual property portfolio to other end products and continued operations.

We would be pleased to review our business plan with qualified investors upon request. To pursue an investment discussion, please email