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Maverick has completed initial engineering studies and demonstrated olefin production at the pilot scale.  Maverick plans to construct its first small-scale commercial plant shortly based on methanol synthesis. We’ll leverage our engineering efforts for the first plant in the design of future plants based on modular components that facilitate scale-up.

Park Research CenterPark_Research_Center_236
The Park Research Center located in Research Triangle Park focuses on process improvements and the development of additional high-value products from current projects.

M1 Topline Energy PlantM1_Topline_Energy_Plant_236
The M1 pilot plant is co-located with Topline Energy’s facility based in Brooksville, Florida and serves as a demonstration of the FT reactor for the production of mixed-alcohols from syngas.

M2 Colorado PlantM2_Colorado_Plant_236
The M2 pilot plant is based in Denver, Colorado and is at pilot scale. M2 accepts solid waste and uses the Enerjetiks gasifier and FT reactor for the production of fuels and plastics.

M3 Colorado PlantMaverick_Synfuels_Modular_Methanol_Skid_M3_Thumb
The M3 pilot plant is also based in Denver, Colorado and is designed to use methane as a feedstock for the production of methanol.

M4 Anaerobic Digester PlantM4_Anaerobic_Digester_Plant_236
The M4 plant will be co-located with a dairy farm. M4 is designed at commercial scale and will use biogas (methane) as a feedstock for the production of fuels.